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Samuel Gebru/AFP/Getty Images

African Unity: Just Out of Reach?

Africa has long attempted to come together, but with little success. Here is why.

There is a tendency to see the entire continent of Africa—which is made up of 54 separate nations and encompasses nearly 20 percent of Earth’s total land—as one gigantic country.

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Demystifying the Spirit Realm

In a small rented house in Gary, Indiana, swarms of large black flies continuously invaded the front porch of a family of four—a mother and her three children. The insects would not relent despite the winter weather. Late at night, the basement door creaked mysteriously. Footsteps could be heard climbing the stairs when no one else was home. A child levitated on a bed. The three children’s eyes sometimes bulged, their voices became unusually deep, and their faces had eerie smiles.

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