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Photo Illustration: Darnitra D. Jackson/The Real Truth

Science Confirms the “Give” Way of Life!

Researchers have discovered what compels us to give. Yet what they found validates what was revealed thousands of years ago.

It perplexed Charles Darwin. Why do we give? If humans supposedly descended from animals, what compels us to act with concern for others? A Wall Street Journal article titled “Hard-wired for Giving” stated, “The question of why any creatures are altruistic at all obsessed Charles Darwin from the time he devised his theory of evolution…”

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Scotland’s Independent Streak

Scotland: land of the charming accent known as a brogue, kilt-wearing bagpipers, distillers of world-class whisky, wearers of tartans and layers of thick wool, and home of Sir William Wallace, the sword-wielding landowner and knight’s son heroically portrayed in the 1995 film “Braveheart.”

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