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Photo illustration: Jody E. Lydick

A Cacophony of Faith – Is This What God Intended?

Billions of professing Christians. Thousands of denominations. Nations impacted across the world. An eye-opening analysis of today’s “Christianity” begs the question: Did Christ mean for it to be this way?

Traveling on a plane presents opportunities to talk to people you may otherwise never meet. In a sense, plane flights, especially international ones, are cross-sections of the world where strangers from entirely different walks of life can interact.

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Leader Profile: Abdullah II bin al-Hussein

Dressed in a black suit and traditional Arab headdress, King Abdullah II stood before a painting of his late father, King Hussein. Muffled sobs echoed throughout Jordan’s Parliament chamber as he was sworn in as the nation’s new leader just a few hours after the funeral of one of the Middle East’s longest-serving leaders.

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