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painted_easter_eggs-ahha-110307.jpg Source: Getty Images/Stockdisc

Is Easter Biblical?

Millions believe this popular festival is connected to Christ’s Resurrection, but do passages within God’s Word prove otherwise?

A boy leaps out of bed, filled with excitement. Today will be a special day for him and his family. He bounds down the stairs and discovers a reed basket filled with beautifully painted eggs and chocolate rabbits. He cannot wait to dive into the goodies!

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Is a Secret Rapture in the Bible?

Millions believe in a secret rapture, when Jesus will unexpectedly take Christians to heaven. Is this what the Bible teaches? God does promise protection. But where? On Earth—or in heaven? And can we know?

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hope_for_hati-abha-150208.jpg Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Hope for Haiti!

Despite the nation’s roiling problems five years after a devastating earthquake, the people of Haiti do have a promising future.

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Microchip: the Mark of the Beast?

Is a digital implant the “mark of the Beast” talked about in the book of Revelation?

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The Hidden Law of Sleep Why It Is Vital to Your Existence

Everyone needs sleep—but why? How much does getting a good-night’s rest affect your day? And what happens if your body goes without it?

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