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8.9-magnitude Earthquake, Tsunami Strike Japan  |  World News Desk
Mar 11, 2011
Afghanistan Temblors Trigger Landslide  |  World News Desk
Jun 27, 2012
Amazon Deforestation Rate Escalates  |  World News Desk
Feb 07, 2008
America's Ongoing Drought Problem  |  World News Desk
Jan 06, 2006
America the Burning
Raging fires have been common in recent news, and are part of a problem that government agencies and environmentalists have not been able to successfully address. The Bible shows why all humanly-proposed “solutions” will fail—and points to the only real solution!  |  Article
Sep 03, 2003
Animal Attacks – Why Increased Aggression!
A Rottweiler scalps a five-year-old boy—wild elephants terrorize villagers—sharks invade popular beaches. What is behind the recent surge in unusual wildlife behavior?  |  Article
Nov 01, 2010
Aquatic Dead Zones – Global Ecological Disasters
Pollution and mismanagement are straining the ecosystems of the world’s ocean and freshwater bodies.  |  Article
May 01, 2013
The Australian Drought  |  World News Desk
Apr 25, 2007
Bangladesh Cyclone Leaves Death and Destruction in Wake  |  World News Desk
Nov 20, 2007
The Battle for Earth – Was Copenhagen Really the “Last Hope”?
At the climate summit in Denmark, United Nations members put aside recent debate over whether or not climate change is true, convening instead with the goal of securing “hope” for future generations. But their noble intentions and high expectations missed what is truly needed to save the world.  |  Article
Jan 10, 2010