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canton_trump_rally-ahha-161122.jpg Source: Stacey L. Palm/The Real Truth

America’s Future Cutting Through the Uncertainty

The result of Election Day in the United States has left many citizens doubting the future of the nation.

Waiting in a long line outside a Donald Trump rally in Canton, Ohio, in September, a German-born woman told The Real Truth, “I’m a little bit embarrassed.”

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pearl_harbor_arizona-abha-161122.jpg Source: National Archives and Records Administration

Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later

Since I was born on the seventh of December, and the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor forever made this same day back in 1941 “a day of infamy,” my mother nicknamed me her “Pearl Harbor baby.” This caused me to take special interest in this historic occurrence. Its 75th anniversary is an opportune time to reflect on lessons from this event as they apply to mankind as a whole.

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mandate_monument_nigeria-abha-161122.jpg Source: Salasi D. Jezhi/The Real Truth

Nigeria: Sleeping Giant in the Sun

Despite having enormous potential, the nation has struggled for decades to overcome challenges and take its place as a powerhouse on the world stage.

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Searching for the True Jesus Christ

Many desire to know the truth about Jesus Christ. But do their ideas measure up to what God’s Word says?

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The Election Everyone Missed

Few noticed the selection of a leader in one of the world’s most powerful positions—one that aims to bring global peace and unity.

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