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What Does God Think of Political Debates?

They fight, they argue, they bicker, they posture for favorable opinion. The nation watches. Yet few think about how the Author of the Bible sees televised arguments between politicians.

Everyone loves a good debate, or so it seems. Watching a political candidate verbally clash with his…

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How to Avoid Ingratitude

Ingratitude is an integral part of society. If you ask most people if they are ungrateful, they will probably reply, “Of course not!” However, this attitude is so ingrained in their lives, they cannot openly admit—or even realize—that they are ungrateful.

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libya_military_parade-abha-160919.jpg Source: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images

Libya: Five Years After Gadhafi

Libyans continue to suffer numerous humanitarian problems as a result of ongoing political instability since Moammar Gadhafi’s October 2011 ouster.

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Never Again? 80 Years After the Rome-Berlin Axis

Eight decades after the formation of the alliance between Germany and Italy, few would say the rise of an expansionist European dictator is imminent. Yet history and the Bible reveal otherwise.

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The Scourge of Illiteracy Soon to be Erased!

Throughout the world, 757 million people ages 15 and above are unable to complete a job application, comprehend a bus schedule, or read a magazine article. Global illiteracy remains a reality—but not for long. Here’s why.

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