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President Trump Visits Ohio to “Speak Straight to the American People”

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – President Donald Trump’s July 25 visit to the Covelli Centre, named the “Rally in the Valley” for the Mahoning River Valley in which the city is situated, was yet another example of the deep political divide in the United States. Over 15,000 attended the event and overflow areas were set up where the event was televised live.

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UN: Declining Pollinators Could Lead to Human Malnutrition

A steady decline in pollinating animals, including bees, butterflies and bats, could lead to increasing human malnutrition, scientists estimate.

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November 2003
Nov 10, 2003 Russia Flexes Military MuscleEurope
Nov 10, 2003 Ed Koch Editorial: “Coming for the Jews”Geopolitics
Nov 10, 2003 Europe and Its ArmyEurope
Nov 10, 2003 Jerusalem to Host Gay ParadeSociety & Lifestyles
Nov 10, 2003 Pakistan and Saudi Arabia Enter Nuclear PactMiddle East
Nov 10, 2003 European “Super-Region”Europe
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September 2003
Sep 3, 2003 China Creates Human-Rabbit HybridScience & Technology
Sep 3, 2003 Many Germans Believe U.S. Behind Sept. 11Europe
Sep 3, 2003 The U.S. as World CopGeopolitics
Sep 3, 2003 North Korea, Iran and MissilesGeopolitics
Sep 3, 2003 The Pope’s Decalogue for EuropeEurope
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July 2003
Jul 2, 2003 U.S. Natural Gas ShortageAmericas
Jul 2, 2003 Blair Defends New EuropeEurope
Jul 2, 2003 Grasshoppers Invade U.S. WestScience & Technology
Jul 2, 2003 Berlin Receives New PowerEurope
Jul 2, 2003 EU Deploys Troops in AfricaGeopolitics
Jul 2, 2003 U.S. Remains IsolatedGeopolitics
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April 2003
Apr 29, 2003 OPEC and a Post-War IraqMiddle East
Apr 29, 2003 Europe Must Replace Unsustainable U.S. PowerEurope
Apr 29, 2003 SARS—The New EpidemicHealth Issues
Apr 29, 2003 Pope: World Needs Christian ReconciliationReligion
Apr 29, 2003 North Korea UpdateAsia
Apr 29, 2003 Newfound West Coast Fault Could be the “Big One”Science & Technology
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March 2003
Mar 15, 2003 Far Right Emerges in Austria (Again)Europe
Mar 15, 2003 Old Europe vs. New EuropeEurope
Mar 15, 2003 STDs Overwhelm UK Health SystemHealth Issues
Mar 15, 2003 Iraq’s Modern-day AssyriansGeopolitics
Mar 15, 2003 Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria Now in BostonHealth Issues
Mar 15, 2003 Paying for the WarGeopolitics
Mar 15, 2003 Three Things Vatican Expects in European ConstitutionEurope
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February 2003
Feb 6, 2003 New Strain of Staph Infection spreading among Inmates, GaysHealth Issues
Feb 6, 2003 Catholic Church Endorses Harry PotterReligion
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January 2003
Jan 20, 2003 Mysticism and the Catholic ChurchReligion
Jan 20, 2003 AIDS Yet to PeakHealth Issues
Jan 20, 2003 “Kaiser-like” President Leading Europe?Europe
Jan 20, 2003 Pope “Deeply Worried” About Iraq SituationReligion
Jan 20, 2003 Russian and Iraqi CooperationGeopolitics
Jan 20, 2003 Hussein: UN Inspectors Spying for U.S.Middle East
Jan 20, 2003 U.S. Health Care Reaches $1.4 TrillionEconomy & Personal Finance
Jan 20, 2003 Trans-Atlantic Rift is Driven by ReligionGeopolitics
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