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David C. Pack

David C. Pack, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

World News Report: January 2017

So many in the world looked back on 2016 and must surely have fallen into a state of depression. Many people wrote off 2016 as the “worst year ever.” Despite their many differences (political, religious, etc.), people seem to have found common ground on this point. (But every remaining year will now be worse than the last one.) A popular news anchor’s microphone was cut off by the network on New Year’s Eve after he started to rant about how “awful” 2016…

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10 Bible Verses Christendom Ignores

Every Sunday, hundreds of millions who profess to be Christian assume they are being correctly taught—and that they understand and believe—the truth of the Bible. In reality, almost no one knows even the most basic teachings of God’s Word—or of Jesus Christ. Almost all worship Jesus according to what is commonly believed, without the slightest proof from their Bibles. Thus, the true doctrines of the Bible are unknown to Christianity—and so is…

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What If the World Obeyed the 10 Commandments? (Part 3)

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