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David C. Pack

David C. Pack, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Can Christians Believe in Evolution? (Part 1)

Did God create all life on Earth according to the Genesis account or did it gradually evolve? Millions of professing Christians have been told science supports evolution, not Creation. They declare, “I believe in God and the Bible, I just think evolution was how He created man.” They believe God directed the gradual development of all plant and animal life. This is referred to as “directed evolution,” or “theistic evolution.”

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World News Report: June 2017

Mankind has now formally reached the prophesied period that Daniel called “the time of the end” (12:4). Five verses later in Moffatt’s translation describes this time as the “crisis at the close.” This is so very true of today’s headlines. The world is in ALL-OUT CRISIS! Like the apostle Paul’s description of his personal trials—in II Corinthians 11:23-28 of three shipwrecks, beatings, imprisonment, hunger, thirst, perils of robbers…

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The Trinity—Does the Bible Teach It? (Part 4)

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